Sunday, August 7, 2011

cause when i said i missed you i lied

What's On: Cinema Bizarre - I Don't Wanna Know (If You Got Laid)

Could have waited. Didn't want to. Was rereading my posts and felt like adding these two snippets of lyrics in today, but also didn't feel like waiting until tomorrow.

This is pretty much the theme song for how I feel about someone close to me.
Cinema Bizarre - Blasphemy
Love is nature
So you're praying for salvation
For the hearts to understand

That is you
My new religion is you
They say this love is blasphemy
It is blasphemy-It is blasphemy
But my new religion is you

Faith is crime
When all you love is one the line
Your spirit's bleeding
Incomplete and blamed for immorality

And this song doesn't help anyone, because all the people I want to see or go on trips with are IN California (or Japan), but it still deserved some recognition here from me.

Metro Station - California

And we could fly away
To outer space
Or we could find a way
To leave this place

We don't need a map
And you can throw your phone away
We don't wanna hear
The things we know they're gonna say

You don't trust yourself
But girl trust me
Don't look in the mirror
The past you don't wanna see

What do you say we leave for California?
If we drive all night, we can make it by the morning
And, no one else will know if we decide to go, oh
What do you say we leave for California?

And just because...

Cinema Bizarre - Sad Day (For Happiness)

I'll meet you on the other side
in the apple of my eye
Let us paint a scenery
in a color we can see

Switch the news off, go to sleep
fight the tears in misery
I've exchanged my childhood dreams
for a bunch of make-believes

Touch the button
you should sit and listen
Watching as a tear
rains into a broken heart

It's a sad day for happiness
in this crazy world
It's a crazy world
so all we can do is be
a little crazy to save today

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