Thursday, August 4, 2011

its not a matter of love, its just a matter of time

What's On: Anberlin - Autobahn

So. Another day, another blog. I'm not doing too bad.

Anyway, I had an interview today at Target. I'm kind of amused; years ago, Target turned me down flat, but today I was hired right away. Actual employment is contingent upon my background check and drug test. I'm not worried about the drug test; the strongest thing they'll find is caffeine and nicotine, and I'm pretty sure its not actually illegal to smoke cigarettes right now. (Though who knows when that might be coming.)

Tangent aside, I ran with a bad crowd when I was younger. Long story short, I was charged with shoplifting (though I wasn't actually involved, just with the girl who was) and its been the bane of my existence ever since. If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself to kick her in her ass before letting her do something like that, especially in light of all the things it being on my record has fucked up over the years.

But barring that, I'll have a job. Finally. And since they apparently do their background checks pretty quickly, I won't feel like I've got a job for a month only to have it come kick me in the ass later. I've lost at least two jobs because of it, and been turned down for countless others despite the fact that they claim "A history will not impact your being hired."

Was listening to a playlist of songs from a friend of mine (because she loves me and sends me huge chunks of new music at a time XD) and Anberlin came on. I already had a bunch of Anberlin from a raid on the library, but she rounded out the collection, and I was organising my folders earlier and realised that I've got all five albums. There's another one called "Lost Songs" that has a bunch of covers, remixes, and demos, but I'm not interested in the whole thing, just a few specific songs from it.

Long story short, Anberlin is the Band of the Day, and in particular I love the song Autobahn:

And the stereo sings our song
We don't hesitate to sing along

Drive to dream to live, we could see the world tonight
Here to hope tomorrow we could see the world

And we're miles from the middle of nowhere
and neither of us seems to care
And that's why I love you so,
shut your mouth girl, no one has to know
And time seems to drip like Dali
and neither of us has a place to be
So for once and forever tell me all, tell me all of your dreams

And the stereo sings our song
We don't hesitate to sing along...

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