Thursday, August 4, 2011

well, let's try again.

What's On: Massive Attack - Tear Drop

Well. I've tried, over the years, to make a blog, and keep up with it. Maybe this'll be the one.

So. About me. I am an author in progress, with several different ideas in the works. I usually run into a snag plotwise and drop them for a time, but I seem to have plateaued out at about twelve, total. Only one and a half of them are actually complete.

I grew up a navy brat, and never spent more than two years at any given school. This inspired in me a wanderlust that has been slowly choking me over the years, and I don't care where I go from here as long as I get out.

I hate talking about myself, as well. I'm weird, I suppose. I have eccentric tastes in everything - there's no reason or explanation behind why I may or may not like something. I just do. Or I don't.

I'm a lover. I fall in love with things, animals, characters, people. I'm in love with at least four people right now, though only about two of them know it.

I'm sure more about me will come out if I continue to post here. No promises, though.

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