Saturday, August 6, 2011

lost in the sun, can anybody find their way home?

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So I set myself an arbitrary goal of ten thousand words today by midnight. I'm about two thousand in, so only eight thousand left, with about four thousand words to go. I'm suddenly not sure of the story, or where its going, but I'm going to just keep writing, and I guess I'll cut it out later. That seems like a waste; I'd rather get it right the first time than have to take so much of it away later, but I guess some things can't be helped.

Part of me is in awe at how much work goes into novel writing. First you've got to write the damn thing; then revise it.

Then revise it.

Then revise it.

Then revi....

Then FINALLY, send it off to an agent who may or may not take you on for it, and then they'll have you revise it again, and they go find an editor who may or may not take it on, and then you revise it...


So much revision. I'm not even sure about how to revise in the first place, much less how I'm going to deal with SO FUCKING MUCH OF IT.

But that's the process, if I want to someday see my work in print.

I guess I'll get through it somehow.

Now, I've got two thousand words per hour to be writing, and dithering about on the internet won't help it get done. I'm off.

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